It is more about the "feel" than the place...

We are very fortunate.  When we started Shining Together Judo we were invited to start our program at Full Circle Muay Thai.  Joe Felciano enjoyed training with Dennis and respected his vision for Shining Together.   Our association with Full Circle Muay Thai, Joe, and Pornsak, has been an easy and natural cooperation. Pornsak has been flexible and supportive, and a great example of a true martial arts master.  Joe is a consummate professional and dedicated martial artist and supports our efforts to build a top-notch Judo program.  More importantly, he and the whole FCMT family are very welcoming to anyone who comes in the dojo.  We like that.  We are an open program.  We are about the Judo and the people who love to practice it.  You will frequently see Black Belts from other clubs come over, hang out, teach with us.  We go over to their places and do the same.  You see, Judo is more than an art or sport, it is a way of life, and an attitude.  We work hard, but try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Change is sometimes inevitable, and we are happy for Full Circle Muay Thai on their new dojo.  Unfortunately, we could not move to Cotati with them.  But we will be forever grateful for the gracious hosts they were for over two years.

We searched all over and found a new home with another group of like-minded martial artists.  We have been welcomed into the dojo of Honshin Kan Martial Arts in Rincon Valley.  These guys are the most traditional, talented, humble group of martial artists we've encountered.  They embrace the old traditions, deep respect, and love of their respective arts.  There are multiple arts taught at this dojo, each led by an accomplished master in his field.  When we approached them about their dojo we found a welcome vibe and a shared vision.  Like us, they too, don't run their dojo to make money.  It is about the art, and the art alone.  When we explained our situation they understood completely the desire we had to keep our program both together and growing.  And then they welcomed us to share their dojo and build out an adjoining studio space for our program.  

We are grateful and humbled by the openness and generosity of both Full Circle Muay Thai and Honshin Kan Martial Arts.  Without your love of martial arts and embodiment of the highest principles of community we would not have a space to call home.

Our eventual goal is to move our program back to the Roseland area of Santa Rosa.  Our founder, Dennis McCarter, was born and raised there.  If there was ever an under served section of Santa Rosa, it is Roseland.  Judo has made an incredible difference in his world.  He'd like to share that with the people and families who grew up around him.  We think that is quite a beautiful vision.